Den kompletta listan för dig som är nyfiken på Biologique Recherches ingredienser! 


AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a class of acids derived from milk and fruit sugars. They help stimulate the desquamation process of corneocytes found on the surface of the stratum corneum. In a relatively low concentration, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are known for their skin moisturizing properties as they stimulate the production of Amino Acids during the corneocyte desquamation process. In higher concentrations, they provide keratolytic action, exfoliating and smoothing the skin.


A decomposition product of uric acid, Allantoin is naturally found in the human body as well as in certain plants. Mainly used for its soothing and healing action, it also has keratolytic properties that help regenerate the epidermis. Its use allows for the rapid renewal of the stratum corneum.

Aloe Vera (Extract)

Aloe Vera is a species of aloe, a plant native to the Arabian Peninsula and Eastern Africa. It has highly recognizable prickly leaves and yellow or orange flowers arranged in spikes. Obtained from the bitter juice contained in the plant, Aloe Vera Extract is rich in organic acids, minerals and phenolic compounds, which give it soothing and softening properties.

Anise (Extract)

Anise is an herbaceous plant, native to the orient with fruit that contains carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and minerals. Anise Extract has moisturizing, antioxidant and mineral-replenishing properties that are particularly suitable for dehydrated, mature and damaged skin. Moreover, its purifying action is ideal for skincare targeting oily to acne-prone skin as well as hair care products for oily hair.

Annatto (Oil)

The achiote tree, native to Central America, bears fruit that contains seeds covered in a sticky red substance called Annatto Pulp. This substance contains carbohydrates, lipids and terpenoids. Annatto Oil is recommended for its protective and softening properties. It may also be used in sun care oils and soothing after-sun care products.

Anti-ROS and anti-RNS Antioxidant

This is a molecule that plays a dual anti-radical role: it acts against oxygen-based free radicals (antioxidant properties in vitro) and against nitrogen-based free radicals (antinitrosant properties). It thus detoxifies the skin (in terms of these two types of free radicals) and prevents lipidic peroxidation (in vitro), to obtain healthier skin with radiant color. Its long-term use slows cell aging.


Apple (Juice Derivate)

It provides skincare products with a soft, rich lather.

This fruity surfactant derived from essential amino acids in apple juice ensures gently skin cleansing and perfect skin barrier integrity

Argan (Oil)

The Argan tree is thorny tree with edible fruit and oleaginous almonds that grows in North Africa. Argan Oil, obtained by pressing the seeds, contains fatty acids (linoleic and oleic acids) and vitamin E. This combination of nutrients makes Argan one of the leading oils for mature and dry skin. Argan Oil is known for its skin nourishing and restructuring properties.

Arnica (Extract)

Arnica is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows in high altitudes, with flowers containing carbohydrates, organic acids, phenolic compounds and terpenoids. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties make it a choice active ingredient for treating oily skin. Moreover, Arnica Extract is used in cosmetics as a soothing and protective agent.

Artichoke (Extract)

Artichoke is a plant with a rigid stem and an edible flowering bud. This extract, obtained from the leaves of the Artichoke, is used in cosmetics for its stimulating and draining properties.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C is an acid found in lemons, fruit juice and fresh vegetables. Vitamin C is a vitamin that plays a role in diverse metabolic mechanisms and is used in cosmetics for its regenerating properties: it helps boost epidermal defenses to fight external aggressions. Moreover, its antioxidant properties make it an excellent cosmetic ingredient for preventing premature signs of skin aging.

Avocado (Oil)

Avocado Oil is extracted from the fruit of the avocado tree, the pulp of which has remarkably high oil content. Avocado Oil is an active lipid-replenishing ingredient, due to its high concentration in unsaturated fatty acids. It also boasts skin softening and protective properties.


Baobab (Pulp Extract)

This extract is a gel obtained from the pulp of Baobab fruit. It is highly rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA); molecules that help diminish skin irregularities by reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum. Moreover, this extract offers tensor and moisturizing action due to the keratolytic and astringent properties of AHA. It is also highly concentrated in sugar, natural constituents of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), helping to retain moisture in the stratum corneum. Baobab Pulp Extract thus helps smooth wrinkles and restore the skin's natural moisture flow.

Barbary Fig (Oil)

Barbary Fig or Opuntia is part of the cactus family. Barbary Fig Oil helps soothe cutaneous irritation, protect skin from environmental stress factors and provide long-term epidermal moisturization. It is also used to firm the skin.

Basil (Essential Oil)

Basil is an aromatic herbaceous plant with green leaves and small white and pink flowers. Its Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh leaves and flower heads. Recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, Essential Oil of Basil is used in massage oils.

Betaine Extracted from Beet Sugar

Betaine is a natural product derived from beet sugar. It stimulates the production of collagen and ATP (molecule that supplies the energy required for metabolic reactions), which helps boost cell activity and reinforce the extracellular matrix. When applied to the eye contour, Betaine helps regulate excessive fluid production, restructuring the delicate eye contour area and reducing puffiness.

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids)

Beta-Hydroxy-Acids are acids that are less irritating than Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA). They are gentle exfoliating agents that help delicately eliminate dead cells (keratolytic effect) and stimulate epidermal cell renewal.

Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex

Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex boasts exceptional oxygenating properties: in vitro tests show that the Oxygenating Complex clearly stimulates cellular respiration, when cells lack oxygen. These significant results highlight a direct “oxygen carrying / replenishingeffect.

Biologique Recherche Phyto-Complex

The Exclusive Biologique Recherche Phyto-Complex is a botanical complex composed of Rockweed, Birch, Ivy and Horsetail. These combined extracts give this Phyto-Complex toning, detoxifying and purifying properties.

Biomarine Complex

This Biological Marine Complex is rich in collagen peptides naturally linked to trace elements (Magnesium, Silicium, Zinc, Iron...), as well as mineral salts and glycosaminoglycans. Thanks to its richness in marine collagen, it has moisturizing properties.

Birch (Bark Extract)

Rich in tannins and allantoin, Birch Bark Extract has astringent and healing properties. Birch Bark is also used in body care products, thanks to its toning, stimulating and contouring action. In addition, it improves hair quality as it stimulates the scalp and functions as a hair repair agent.

Black Crowberry (botanical juice)

Black Crowberry is an evergreen shrub that grows in subarctic regions, with berries that are rich in anthocyanins (natural plant pigments) and flavonoids, molecules with toning and antioxidant properties. Black Crowberry Juice helps improve cutaneous microcirculation and boosts body tone and firmness. This extract also helps inhibit the activity of elastase and collagenase, enzymes that are responsible for the degradation of elastin and collagen. Black Crowberry thus helps fight against skin aging.

Blackcurrant (Butter)

Blackcurrant Butter is a 100% natural source of fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6. It is particularly recommended for dry, devitalized, damaged and mature skin. It is easily absorbed by the epidermis to help restore cutaneous lipids.

Brazil Nut and Priprioca Oil

Priprioca roots are steeped in Brazil nut oil. Brazil nut oil is rich in selenium and phytosterols; it contains 70% unsaturated fatty acids and makes the skin soft, supple and smooth. Priprioca is a plant that grows in the Brazilian rainforests. Its roots contain a highly aromatic essential oil. It was traditionally used by Amazonian peoples to perfume their skin and hair, and its scent is said to have mysterious powers of seduction.

Broccoli (Oil)

Broccoli Seed Oil undergoes cold extraction to yield green, virgin oil. The fatty acid profile of this oil ensures excellent stability and non-oily moisturizing properties that make Broccoli Oil an ideal emollient agent. This oil is composed of unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in vitamins C, A (retinol) and K. It adds stability and shine to hair.

Brown Algae Sugars

This is a complex of marine oligosaccharide (Laminaria digitata alga), magnesium and manganese. It is rich in "endothelin-like" peptides, required for melanin synthesis. It stimulates melanogenesis without UV exposure and delays skin aging by protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Burdock (Extract)

Burdock is a plant with leaves and roots that are used for their medicinal virtues. Rich in polysaccharides, Burdock Extract is known for its moisturizing, soothing and skin repair properties. It is the ideal active ingredient for combination skin: purifying and sebum-regulating, Burdock Extract moisturizes dehydrated skin areas and purifies oily zones.



Caffeine is a natural derived substance that is found in numerous plant varieties around the world. It is used in body care products to reduce cellulite. When it is used in sufficiently high quantities, it helps boost lipolysis (breakdown of lipids).

Camphor (Oil)

Camphor is a compound obtained by distilling pieces of root, stem or bark from the camphor tree (or Cinnamomum Camphora). Camphor Oil helps activate blood circulation and provides a sensation of freshness upon application, which is why it is used in cosmetic products for treating "tired, heavy legs" and in massage oils.

Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside

This non-ionic surfactant of plant origin provides gentle cleansing action.



Capsicum is a plant family that bears fruit such as chili, red and green peppers, which are rich in carotenoids, flavonoids and capsaicin, the active compound that gives them a "spicy" flavor. They are used in cosmetics for their antiseptic and purifying properties.


Carcinine, or Decarboxy Carnosine HCL, is a natural peptide with anti-glycation and antioxidant properties. Derived from carnosine, another natural antioxidant, carcinine boasts similar antioxidant properties yet is much more stable than its analogue.

Carrot (Extract)

Carrot Extract is rich in oleic and linoleic acids, β-carotene, vitamin E and provitamin A. Recommended for use in cosmetic sun care products, it leaves the skin soft, promotes a more rapid tan and helps even out the complexion.

Carvone (Essential Oil)

Carvone is the major constituent of essences extracted from dill and caraway seeds. It has a soothing effect on irritation, itching, redness and sunburn.

Cassava Extract

Cassava (Manihot Esculenta) is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family native to South America, and particularly the south-western Amazon basin. It is now extensively cultivated and harvested in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible, tuberous roots and its leaves. The sugars extracted from Cassava are used in cosmetics for their instant lifting and smoothing effects.

Cedar (Essential Oil)

Cedar is an evergreen tree that can live to be over one thousand years old. Essential Oil of Cedar is extracted by steam distillation from the tree's wood chips. It is used in massage oils for its tissue draining properties.

Cellular Oligopeptides

Cellular Oligopeptides are moderately long chains of amino acids, derived from cell protein. They possess specific revitalizing, regenerating, protective and repair properties.

Centella Asiatica (Extract)

Centella Asiatica is a creeping perennial plant that is native to India and also grows in tropical regions. Rich in asiaticoside and madecassoside, two saponins that are able to stimulate the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts, Centella Asiatica Extract boasts healing, soothing and regenerating properties and helps fight against premature signs of skin aging.


This Ceramide concentrate is similar to the lipids found in the stratum corneum, and helps increase bioavailability and the transfer of lipids in the skin. Ceramides help restore the skin's protective barrier function, increasing the level of moisturization and protection in mature, dry and sensitive skin.


Chamomile (Extract)

Chamomile grows in fields throughout Europe and Asia Minor. Chamomile Extract contains alpha-bisabolol, a soothing active ingredient. This extract is frequently used in cosmetics, as it has skin softening, moisturizing and regenerating properties.

Cholesterol (Sulfate)

Cholesterol Sulfate is a lipid that is naturally found in the stratum corneum. It plays an important role in maintaining the lipid bilayer structure, thus ensuring the skin's barrier function and cohesion of the corneocytes, the stratum corneum cells. Moreover, its presence in the epidermis helps stimulate desquamation.

Chondrus Crispus (Red Algae Extract)

This Red Algae Extract, rich in polysaccharides and minerals, helps reinforce the skin's hydrolipidic film. It smoothes and coats hair and is used in hair care products as a natural conditioner.

Chromium Chloride

Chromium is an essential trace element for human health. It acts in collaboration with insulin to combat diabetes. Chromium acts on cholesterol, reduces lipogenesis and raises good cholesterol, effective in hypercholesterolemia. It thus contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels and to normal macronutrient metabolism. This trace element promotes weight loss and helps builds muscle.

Chromanyl Palmitate-based Synthetic Peptide

A lightening agent (in vivo) that acts by inhibiting tyrosinase activity (in vitro). This active ingredient has a photoprotective effect on the keratinocytes in the epidermis (in vitro) and prevents skin damages caused by UV rays.

Cider Vinegar

This extract is obtained from fermented apples, before being transformed into vinegar. Its high tannin content gives it purifying and astringent properties. Moreover, Cider Vinegar is rich in fruit acids (citric and malic acids) that help improve cell renewal and provide a regenerating effect. Cider Vinegar Extract is frequently used in hair care products as a cleansing, protective and conditioning agent.

Clove (Essential Oil)

The clove tree belongs to the Myrtaceae family and has green leaves and pink buds that blossom into red flowers and purple fruit. The Essential Oil is extracted by water distillation of the plant's buds (cloves) and has toning and regenerating properties.

Coconut (Oil)

This oil is obtained from the dried solid part of Coconuts. It helps add radiance to dull hair and is used in body care products for its moisturizing, regenerating and soothing properties.


Collagen is the most abundantly found fibrous protein in the body. Given its high capacity to retain water, it plays an important role in regulating the skin's moisture levels and thus promotes moisturization. Moreover, Collagen fibers are responsible for the skin's tone and structure. Collagen is thus used in cosmetics to help fight against skin aging.



Colostrum is the name given to the milk secreted by female mammals at the end of the gestation period and during the first few days (3 to 4) after giving birth. It is a natural active ingredient that contains all NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) elements and is highly rich in Amino Acids. It helps promote moisture replenishment to the outer epidermal layers and improve the mechanical properties of the stratum corneum, such as elasticity.

Complex of Aminoacids

This is a hexapeptide dedicated to the treatment of sensitive or even allergic skins. It reduces the activity of the PAR 2 protease receptor which is directly involved in the release of inflammatory cytokines. These aminoacids act by limiting neurogenic inflammation, which also helps the reconstruction of the skin barrier. Last but not least, it provides immediate soothing and calms the tingling sensation induced by lactic acid.

Complex composed of Caffeine, Carnitine and TEA-Hydroiodide

This complex targets three specific actions:

-  Phlebotonic action: fights against deficient microcirculation, causing cellulite to form.
-  Lipolytic action: fights against the accumulation of fat.
-  Action that eliminates degradation products following lipid peroxidation.

Complex of Arnica Flowers, Solomon's Seal and Cypress Cones

Arnica is known for its astringent and healing properties and its ability to stop bleeding and stimulate blood circulation. Solomon's seal is an astringent herb that helps constrict the blood vessels and increases venous tone. Lastly, cypress cone increases venous tone, preserves and restores resistance and elasticity, and eliminates excess fluids. These three active ingredients have been combined to form a complex that helps decrease blood flow by 25%, reduce cutaneous redness by 24% and lighten the skin by 18%.
At cheek level, it strengthens vein walls, improving drainage and thus reducing flows through the capillaries.

Complex of Bean extract, Rutin extract and two Biomimetic Peptides

Bean extract, rutin extract and two biomimetic peptides have been combined to exert synergistic action. They inhibit fiber-destroying proteolytic enzymes and stimulate the synthesis of fibers by fibroblasts. Bean extract (Phaseolus lunatus) contains a protein that inhibits trypsin and chymotrypsin. Thanks to the inhibition of trypsin, there is a decrease in collagenases, which destroy collagen fibers. In addition, the inhibition of chymotrypsin reduces the activity of mast cells involved in immune function and promotes matrix neosynthesis.

Furthermore, rutin extract has antioxidant properties. It stabilizes mast cells, which no longer release inflammatory histamine, and inhibits elastase (the enzyme responsible for elastin degradation). Lastly, the two peptides (palmitoyl-GQPR and palmitoyl-GHK) help stimulate fibroblasts and thus the synthesis of
matrix proteins (collagen and fibronectin), resulting in the synthesis of a new extracellular matrix. Keratinocyte proliferation is also stimulated. The result is an increase in dermal thickness together with a decrease in the depth and width of stretch mark folds and a significant improvement in the rough appearance and color of the skin.


Complex with a Witch Hazel and St. John's Wort base

Witch Hazel and St. John's Wort leaves contain significant amounts of Gallic tannins, flavonoids and volatile oils.
They have firming and astringent properties and are recommended for use in skincare products for sensitive skin (subject to redness) as well as combination and oily skin.

Complex with an Elder flower, Chestnut wood and Tropical Almond leaf extract base

Rich in polyphenols, tannic acid and flavonoids, this complex is used to reinforce skin firmness and elasticity. It offers anti-aging action, thanks to its structuring effect and is recommended for use in body care products, due to its firming properties.

Complex with a Jojoba Oil and Barbary Fig Extract base

This complex helps prepare and repair skin that is subject to different types of stress in the body (pollution, sun rays, changes in temperature, etc). Rich in Jojoba Oil and Barbary Fig Extract, it helps condition skin cells, preparing them for possible future epidermal aggressions, prevents premature signs of skin aging and also triggers tissue repair action when needed.

Complex with an Immortelle, Cedar, Anise and Mint Essential Oil base

These Essential Oils possess circulation toning properties and provide lipolytic action.

Complex with a Yeast Extract, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 base

Rich in Yeast, and Vitamins B1 and B6, this complex is used for application to skin prone to excessive sebum secretion, i.e. oily, problem-prone skin. With multiple interaction mechanisms, Vitamin B1 (or thiamine) and Vitamin B6 (or pyridoxine) play an important role in regulating sebum production. This complex is also used in hair care products for oily hair to reduce excessive sebum production in the scalp.

Complex with an Aloe Juice, Buckthorn and Cascara Sagrada Bark base

This complex is used as a botanical sun filter. In addition to its role as a sun filter, it is also used in cosmetics for its emollient, softening and regenerating properties

Complex with a Terminalia, Fireweed and Nasturtium base

Terminalia is a tree rich in tannins, which provides it with astringent and anti-androgenic activity: it limits the production of androgynous hormones, such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, both of which trigger sebum production. Moreover, Nasturtium is used for its antimicrobial properties. This complex thereby helps limit sebum secretion, treat oily skin and soothe cutaneous irritation.

Complex composed of Lipase and Hyaluronidase enzymes

Lipase is an enzyme that is capable of triggering the hydrolysis of triglycerides. This action helps reduce lipid storage in cells and thus diminish cellulite. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that allows for the hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid (glycosaminoglycan that causes water retention, a typical characteristic of cellulite). Together, these two enzymes help improve the skin's appearance and reduce signs of cellulite.

Complex of matrikines

Matrikines are small peptides naturally present in the skin, derived from skin repair processes.
These cellular messengers are capable of regulating the sequence of events necessary for the
healing process. With age, the proteins used in the constitution, attachment and cohesion of the
dermis and dermo-epidermal junction diminish significantly. This complex helps stimulate the synthesis of these proteins to recreate conditions conducive to cellular and matrix renewal. This active ingredient repairs skin damage caused by age via two complementary approaches: by protecting the papillary dermis against photo-aging and by combating chronological aging. This cosmetic active ingredient therefore effectively repairs damage relating to aging and UV ray attacks in the papillary dermis. It contributes to reversing the chronological aging process by reducing the depth and surface area of wrinkles, reducing roughness, reducing the amount of progerin (aging molecule) and increasing skin tone.

Complex of proline, lysine and copper

Proline and lysine are essential amino acids for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Copper is a co-factor in lysyl oxidase, the enzyme which links collagen and elastin. This complex helps increase the life span of young and mature fibroblasts (the cells which guarantee dermal coherence and suppleness).

Complex of yellow moambe extract and oleanolic acid

Yellow moambe is a tree commonly found in Equatorial Africa. Oleanolic acid is a fatty acid found in several medicinal plants such as the olive tree, rosemary, basil and thyme. The combination of these two substances makes it possible, via their complementary action, to reduce seborrhea by regulating the synthesis and secretion of sebum. Oleanolic acid blocks hormone stimulation and the yellow moambe extract inhibits the proliferation of sebocytes. The combination of these two actions inhibits the secretion of sebum. The reduction in active glands’ activity and in secretion results in the visible tightening of the pores and a visible reduction in the apparent shine of the face.

Complex with an Aloe Juice, Buckthorn and Cascara Sagrada Bark base

This complex is used as a botanical sun filter. In addition to its role as a sun filter, it is also used in cosmetics for its emollient, softening and regenerating properties.

Complex with a Terminalia, Fireweed and Nasturtium base

Terminalia is a tree rich in tannins, which provides it with astringent and anti-androgenic activity: it limits the production of androgynous hormones, such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, both of which trigger sebum production. Moreover, Nasturtium is used for its antimicrobial properties. This complex thereby helps limit sebum secretion, treat oily skin and soothe cutaneous irritation.

Complex composed of Lipase and Hyaluronidase enzymes

Lipase is an enzyme that is capable of triggering the hydrolysis of triglycerides. This action helps reduce lipid storage in cells and thus diminish cellulite. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that allows for the hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid (glycosaminoglycan that causes water retention, a typical characteristic of cellulite). Together, these two enzymes help improve the skin's appearance and reduce signs of cellulite.

Copper (Extract)

Combined with Zinc in dermocosmetic products for its astringent and antimicrobial properties, Copper is one of the essential trace elements for the body. It is used in products for oily skin, as it helps regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, by diminishing the level of sebum.

Corn (Oil)

Rich in linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids as well as vitamins A and E, Corn Oil is used in cosmetics for its moisturizing properties. This lipid-replenishing agent is recommended for reactive skin since it also has soothing properties..

Cornflower (Extract)

This extract, obtained from Cornflower blossoms, is used to prevent and treat eye irritation, thanks to its anti- inflammatory, softening and astringent properties.

Cotton (Oil)

Cultivated in India for 5,000 years, the cotton plant grows in arid tropical and subtropical climates. This oil, extracted from the seeds of cotton capsules, possesses emollient, moisturizing and regenerating properties. It is used in both face care and body care products.

Cranberry (Extract)

Cranberries contain minerals, vitamins A, C and E, carotenoids and flavonoids, which possess antioxidant properties. Cranberries are helpful in fighting against cutaneous aging by facilitating the neutralization of free radicals.

Cranberry (Oil)

Cranberries contain numerous small seeds that yield a plant oil extract. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this oil restructures the cutaneous barrier and helps enrich the Natural Moisturizing Factor by working to retain moisture in the skin. Non-greasy, Cranberry Oil leaves the skin soft and shine-free.

Cucumber (Extract)

Cucumber is an herbaceous plant native to India. Used for centuries as a calming agent, Cucumber is also highly appreciated for its refreshing and moisturizing properties.

Curcuma (Extract)

Curcuma Extract helps inhibit the elastin degradation enzyme. Elastin is one of the leading components of the dermal matrix and plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity. The fragmentation and denaturing of elastin by the degradation enzyme (elastase) diminishes cutaneous elasticity, causing the skin to slacken and wrinkles to form. Curcuma Extract therefore helps diminish cutaneous slackening.

Cypress (Essential Oil)

Cypress is an evergreen tree with pointy leaves. Essential Oil of Cypress is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves and twigs (small branches) and has stimulating and toning properties.



Decyl Glucoside

With a coconut and corn glucose base, this non-ionic surfactant offers excellent foaming and cleansing performance.

Diatoms (Microscopic Algae)

Diatoms are microscopic single cell algae that contain chlorophyll. This extract is derived from diatom membranes, which are particularly rich in silica, allowing them to be used in exfoliating products to eliminate impurities and dead cells.

Diatom (Silica-rich Powder)

This silica-rich powder is a good exfoliant. It can be used in scrubs in order to remove impurities and dead cells.


DNA derived from salmon (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is in the form of a double spiral chain. It is found in all cell nuclei. The carrier of our genetic code and chromosome component, DNA determines the synthesis of proteins. Used in cosmetology for its high molecular weight, which gives it the capacity to produce a protective tensor film over the skin's surface, it helps prevent transepidermal water loss.

Dwarf Palm from North America (Oil extract)

This shrub reaching a maximum height of three meters produces red to brown oblong fruits that sometimes have blue tones. It is used for its high concentration of fatty acids. It helps optimize the 3D fiber structure of the dermis, has a relaxing effect on fibroblast contractile force and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. This enables the skin to heal well and the optimized fiber structure helps reduce stretch marks. Thanks to Dwarf Palm extract, the firmness and elasticity of skin with stretch marks are significantly improved. The skin is suppler, better toned and firmer, and the surface of stretch marks is smoother. The appearance of stretch marks is visibly reduced.


Edelweiss (Extract)

Also referred to as "Immortal Snow", Edelweiss is a perennial plant that is native to the Siberian Steppes. Recommended for use in skincare products for dry and sensitive skin due to its soothing and mineral- replenishing action, Edelweiss Extract also has anti-aging properties thanks to its high antioxidant content.

Essential Amino Acids

Essential Amino Acids are Amino Acids that cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by the body and must therefore be supplied through food. There are 8 essential amino acids in humans. The use of Amino Acids in cosmetics helps protect the epidermis, allowing the skin to fight off more effectively external aggressions. They also have moisturizing properties, help stimulate the metabolic functioning of skin cells and increase the synthesis of proteins that make up the extracellular matrix. This is why Essential Amino Acids have a positive effect on tissue regeneration.


Essential Fatty Acid Complex

Rich in fatty acids (palmitic, oleic, linoleic and arachidonic) in proportions similar to those in our skin, this complex is a precursor to Omega 3 and 6 and has lipid-replenishing properties.


Frangipani (Extract)

Frangipani is a tree native to the West Indies. Its flowers, rich in carbohydrates, phenolic acids, flavonoids and terpenoids, are widely recognized for their softening, moisturizing and purifying properties. Frangipani Extract is frequently used in nourishing products for the body.

Fruit Acids (Apple, Ginger, Grape and Sugar Cane)

See AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

Fucus (Extract)

Found along the coast of the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean, Fucus is brown seaweed. Rich in vitamins and minerals, such as iodine, this Rockweed Extract is a toning and revitalizing ingredient for dull, tired skin. Moreover, its iodine content gives it slimming and draining properties that are ideal for anti-cellulite products.


Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a tree native to India and tropical Asia, but it can currently be found in Africa and Polynesia. Garcinia Cambogia produces a large yellow fruit of the same name that becomes purple/dark red when it ripens. Its fruit is the size of an orange and has a very thick rind containing a major active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which keeps sugars from being converted into fats.

Ginseng (Root Extract)

Ginseng is an herbaceous plant that grows in the wild in the Far East. Rich in nutrients, Ginseng Root Extract is used in cosmetics for its stimulating and revitalizing properties. It also has anti-aging action.


Naturally present in honey and fruit juice, Gluconolactone is a poly-hydroxy acid (PHA) that is less irritating than Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA). It's an exfoliating agent that helps gently eliminate dead cells from the skin's surface.

Glycoprotein derived from Microorganisms of Antarctica

This Glycoprotein is formed by microorganisms able to survive the extreme conditions of the cold and dark depths of Antarctic glaciers. Used in cosmetics, this Glycoprotein prevents skin dryness and protects the epidermis from the cold: it maintains cutaneous integrity in extreme conditions. Moreover, it is used in skincare products for mature skin, due to its powerful anti-wrinkle properties.



Glycosaminoglycans are part of the main components of connective tissue (fundamental substance in which fibrous proteins, collagen and elastin are immersed). They play a direct role in the skin's structure and mechanical properties. They make up the dermal water reservoir, promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and stimulate fibroblast multiplication. They also have soothing and calming action and are used for treating sensitive and fragile skin.

Grapefruit (Essential Oil)

Taken for more than 4,000 years for its therapeutic qualities, grapefruit is one of the best purifiers for skin. Obtained by cold-pressing the zest, essential oil of grapefruit tones and purifies the skin as well as contracting and stimulating the tissues.

Grape Seed (Oil)

Grape Seed Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Easily absorbed, it helps nourish and soften the skin, maintain good hydration and provide cutaneous regenerating and restructuring action.

Green Clay

Clay is made up of more or less hydrated layers of aluminum silicate. It is stored in the form of sedimentary deposits on continents and ocean floors. Green Clay is the most abundant of all clays and has the highest concentration of minerals. It is particularly well-suited to treat oily hair and skin, as it absorbs the skin's sebum and impurities, providing purifying and shine-eliminating action.

Green Tea (Extract)

Obtained by the prolonged maceration of Green Tea leaves, this extract has toning and regenerating properties. It is also used for its antioxidant action that helps it fight against premature signs of skin aging.

Grape juice extract enriched with δ-viniferin (extract)

δ-viniferin is a substance produced by Botrytis cinerea, a fungus which grows only on sweet grape varieties such as Sauternes and Monbazillac. By degrading grapes, it concentrates the sugars, giving these wines their very distinctive aromas. It extracts polyphenols from the grapes such as resveratrol, which it subsequently transforms into δ-viniferin, a substance which provides a number of anti-aging benefits. This active ingredient protects the epidermal stem cell niche and mitochondrial DNA against external attacks while protecting hyaluronic acid, the elastic network, and collagen against degradation. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and modulates the inflammatory response. It provides global anti-aging action by protecting the skin against free radicals (antioxidant properties) and via preventive and curative anti-wrinkle action.

Griffonia simplicifolia (extract)

Griffonia simplicifolia is a plant from the legume family found in Africa and China. It contains a rare amino acid called L-5-HTP (hydroxytryptophan), which is a precursor of serotonin, the happiness hormone. The significance of this plant lies in L-5-HTP and therefore serotonin, which plays a major role in the regulation of mood, sleep, appetite, motivation, anxiety and several metabolic processes.


Hazelnut (Oil)

Hazelnut Oil is extracted through a cold pressing and refining process. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and is recommended for sensitive skin, due to its nourishing and regenerating properties. Lightweight, easily absorbed and astringent, it is also well-suited to oily skin.

Hazelnut Oligopeptides

This Hazelnut Extract, rich in peptides, amino acids and sugars (glucose and galactose) has been selected for its effect on cellular renewal through stimulation of keratinocyte and fibroblast growth. The face is remodelled and the skin’s barrier function restored.

Heather (Extract)

This extract is obtained from Heather, a plant with violet or pink flowers that grows in siliceous soil. Heather Extract, with purifying and rebalancing properties, is used in products for skin with seborrheic tendencies.

Henna (Extract)

Henna is a shrub native to the Middle East, whose dried leaves are used to create a dye for hands and hair. Rich in carbohydrates, lipids, minerals and phenolic compounds, Henna Extract helps purify the skin and restore radiance. With astringent, healing and softening properties, it is a precious ally in treating sensitive skin.

Heteropolysaccharides and Peptides derived from plants

This surfactant, obtained from wood sugar and a natural fatty acid, produces lasting hydration thanks to its emollient function. Its gentle base is ideal for sensitive and irritable skin.

Hibiscus (Extract)

Hibiscus is a plant from the Malvaceae family that grows in the warm and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Rich in fruit acids and anthocyanins, it is used in skincare for its soothing and emollient properties. Hibiscus Extract also provides antiseptic, astringent and refreshing action.

Horse Chestnut (Extract)

Currently found throughout all of Europe, Horse Chestnut is a large tree that is native to the Balkans. The fruit from this tree contains Horse Chestnut seeds. Used in body care products for its stimulating action, Horse Chestnut Extract is also effective on skin with seborrheic tendencies and oily hair due to its purifying and astringent properties. It high concentration in polysaccharides makes it a protective and softening ingredient.


Native to Eastern Europe, Horseradish is a perennial plant that is grown for its roots. Horseradish Roots are rich in flavonoids, coumarins and phenols. In cosmetics, they are highly appreciated for their cleansing, purifying and antibacterial properties, and help regulate sebum production.

Horsetail (Extract)

Horsetail is a very old plant that grows in the wild, which is widely known for its healing and astringent properties. Recognized as a metabolic stimulant, Horsetail Extract stimulates blood circulation.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid forms the fundamental substance of the dermis together with collagen, elastin and proteoglycans. It plays an essential role in regulating the skin's moisture levels, given its exceptional capacity for water retention. Working like a real "molecular sponge", it absorbs up to 1,000 times its mass in water. Its moisturizing activity is preserved, even in dry atmospheric conditions. When topically applied, Hyaluronic Acid forms a continuous elastic film over the skin. This film is permeable to cutaneous exchanges, retaining moisture and thereby contributing to maintaining good levels in the stratum corneum irrespective of ambient air humidity.

Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium Complex

This active ingredient consists of hyaluronic acid, a molecule naturally present in the dermis, and rhizobium, a symbiotic bacterium of sunflowers. Associating these two naturally-based polymers creates a supple and flexible protective film on the surface of the skin, which regulates perspiration. By its role as a water reservoir for restoring the skin's water needs, this complex actively encourages hydration and essential skin protection functions.


Iris (Extract)

This extract, obtained from Iris rhizomes (bulbs), is used to fight against acne. It has bacteriostatic, anti- inflammatory and astringent properties, and helps diminish hyperseborrhea.

Ivy (Extract)

Ivy has interesting properties for the body: widely renowned for its slimming and softening action, its leaves are used in the form of an extract to fight cellulite. Ivy is a metabolic stimulant that activates blood circulation, balances moisture and increases suppleness in skin tissue. Ivy Extract also boasts calming and detoxifying properties.


Jasmine (Essential Oil)

Native to India, Jasmine is well-known for its little white flowers. Jasmine Oil softens and leaves a satiny film over dry and irritated skin. It also restores balance to sebum secretion. It is used as a soothing and skin repair agent.

Jicama (Extract)

This extract is obtained from the roots and tubers of the Jicama, a "root plant" native to the Andes. Rich in inulin (fructose polymer), free sugars, minerals and vitamins, Jicama Extract is used in hair care products. It helps repair damaged cuticles and diminish irregularities by treating hair scales, and adds shine to hair.

Jojoba (Beads)

Jojoba Beads are natural and gently exfoliate the skin. As opposed to other means of exfoliation, they do not irritate the skin. Upon application, these beads envelop the skin in Jojoba esters, providing an immediate sensation of softness.

Jujube (Extract)

The Jujube is a small tree native to the Far East. It naturally contains cyclic AMP, an intermediary in hormonal action that plays a role in numerous reactions, including lipolysis. It helps activate lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fat. Thanks to its circulation boosting action, it also helps limit excessive water retention and thus has anti-cellulite properties.

Juniper berries (Essential Oil)

This Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation from the crushed and dried berries of the Juniper tree, a small shrub with thorny leaves. Essential Oil of Juniper Berry is widely recognized for its "tissue draining" and toning properties, making it a choice active ingredient for massage oils.


Kaolin (White Clay)


Clay is made up of more or less hydrated layers of aluminum silicate. It is stored in the form of sedimentary deposits on continents and ocean floors. Thanks to its structure mainly composed of kaolinite, White Clay is less absorbent than other clays: it is one of the softest clays, making it a choice active ingredient for sensitive skin products. Kaolin is used in cosmetics for its purifying properties.

Karanja (oil)

This virgin oil derived from Pongamia glabra seeds absorbs UV rays and has anti-aging and soothing effects.

Kiwi (Original Extract)

Original Extract Kiwi helps limit damage done to skin tissue, caused by enzymes such as hyaluronidase. Its moisturizing and restructuring properties make it a choice active ingredient for anti-aging and soothing skincare products.

Knotgrass Flavonoids

This extract, rich in flavonoids, comes from a wild plant of the Polygonaceae family. Used in herbal and Chinese medicine, it is renowned for its anti-rheumatic properties and its beneficial effects on blood pressure. It protects the skin from damage caused by the sun and oxidation, thereby contributing to preserving the extracellular matrix.

Kiwi (Pulp Extract)

This extract, obtained from Kiwi pulp, is highly rich in vitamin C, which in addition to having antibacterial and antioxidant properties, helps form collagen and thus plays an important role in skin quality.



Kudzu (Extract)

This extract is obtained from Kudzu root, a perennial plant that is native to the Far East. Kudzu Extract helps limit the action of phospholipases 2, enzymes that play a role in inflammatory reactions. Targeting the heart of skin inflammation mechanisms, it helps significantly reduce certain skin disorders, such as xerosis and couperose as well as improves cutaneous elasticity. Kudzu Extract is known for its softening, anti-irritant and soothing properties.


Lactic Acid

See AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

Lactobionic Acid

Lactobionic Acid is a Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA). Less irritating than Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA), it is an exfoliant that gently eliminates dead cells on the surface of the skin.

Laminaria and Spirulina Complex (Extracts)

Laminaria are brown algae rich in minerals and vitamins B and C. They are used in a wide range of body care products with toning and purifying properties. These algae are beneficial in fat-burning and sculpting slimming products. Spirulina is a blue alga rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins A and E, and essential fatty acids. Its specific composition provides it with revitalizing properties that are particularly sought-after for making seaweed body wraps. This complex of Laminaria and Spirulina boasts detoxifying and remineralizing properties. During a treatment, it has a heating effect that accelerates the release of active ingredients, all while facilitating their absorption.


Lanolin, or wool grease, is a combination of fatty acids, sterols and cholesterol that is very similar to those found in the epidermis. Lanolin helps complete lipid bilayers in the epidermis and thus naturally boosts the skin's barrier function. It is an active ingredient that helps boost skin elasticity and hydration. Lanolin is used to repair lipid-depleted skin and also has antimicrobial properties.

Lavender (Extract)

Lavender grows spontaneously on the sunny hills of the Mediterranean region. Derived from lavender flowers, this extract contains lipids, organic acids, phenolic compounds and terpenoids. It is used in cosmetics for its softening and regeneration properties.

Lavender (Essential Oil)

Essential Oil of Lavender is obtained by steam distillation of the flower heads. It is an interesting ingredient for use in cosmetic products, given its soothing, calming and relaxing action. It also has antiseptic properties.

Lemon (Essential Oil)

This Essential Oil is extracted by cold pressing ripe Lemon peel. It has soothing and regenerating properties. Frequently used in massage oils, it offers tissue draining and microcirculation stimulating action.

Lemon (Extract)

Lemon is widely used in cosmetics due to its delicate scent. It is highly concentrated in vitamin C and fruit acids and extensively used to even out, tone and stimulate the skin. Its exfoliating, balance-restoring and astringent properties make it a choice active ingredient for purifying the skin. In hair care products, Lemon Extract is also used to add shine to hair.

Lemongrass (Essential Oil)

Citronella (or Lemongrass) is a perennial aromatic grassy plant, whose essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the fresh or partially dried and finely ground plant. Essential Oil of Lemongrass is used in massage oils for its soothing properties.


Belonging to the Fabaceae family, Licorice is native to Asia. Rich in flavonoids and glycyrrhizic acid, Licorice Extract is an active ingredient that helps soothe sensitive and irritated skin.

Lipopeptides/ Neuropeptides formed from three Amino Acids linked to a lipid

These Lipopeptides are compounds formed from three Amino Acids linked to a lipid. They help prevent and diminish signs of inflammation and irritation. Acting on vasodilation, they protect the skin and restore its healthy appearance, reducing irritation, redness and swelling and providing targeted, soothing and calming action. They are recommended for sensitive and intolerant skin.

L-PCA (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid)

L-PCA is a genuine natural cell carrier, capable of fixing an active molecule for which it becomes the vehicle. It works as a cellular penetration vector for the cation or the molecule associated with it. L-PCA is a physiological "catch-all" that helps increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of zinc and copper to which it binds.


L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is a precursor to dopamine and noradrenaline, two essential neurotransmitters enabling the transmission of information in the nervous system. Synthesized in the brain, these feel-good neurotransmitters act on mood, modulate attention and learning and activate the reward system.


Macadamia Nut (Oil)

The oil is extracted from Macadamia Ternifolia nuts taken from a tropical tree that grows in Australia and Hawaii, as well as Kenya. They only grow in tropical climates. The nuts are covered with a green shell which splits to reveal the brown shell when ripe. The shells are removed from the nuts before being pressed. Macadamia nut oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 (oleic acid - between 50 and 60% - linoleic acid and linolenic acid). By virtue of its composition, this oil possesses restructuring, moisturizing, nourishing and softening properties. It can be applied to fragile skin for the treatment of chaps and scars. Very liquid, it penetrates the skin immediately and does not leave an oily film.


Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride is used to treat acne, thanks to its antiseptic, cleansing, sebum-regulating and healing properties. It also helps treat other skin disorders, such as eczema.

Magnesium Sulfate

After calcium and phosphate, Magnesium is the most abundant mineral in the body. Originally in the form of salt, Magnesium Sulfate creates an ionizable electrolytic solution when added to water. Magnesium Sulfate is used for its relaxing and mineral-replenishing properties and helps maintain metabolic balance in the skin.

Mallow (Extract)

This extract is obtained by the prolonged maceration of Mallow flowers. Mallow is widely known for its emollient and softening properties, protecting and regenerating the skin.

Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen is a water soluble collagen that is extracted from fish skin. Thanks to its capacity for water retention, it has moisturizing properties. It helps fight against skin aging and it thus used in cosmetology for its anti-wrinkle action.

Marine Diatom (Extract)

This extract is derived from the membranes of diatoms, micro-algae rich in fatty acids, which are particularly rich in silica. It prevents cutaneous aging by stimulating proteasome activity and by reducing the level of oxidized proteins. Moreover, it limits photo-aging by protecting this proteolytic system against UV-induced damage and repairing it.

Marine Elastin

Marine Elastin is a protein in connective tissue and ligaments. It is obtained by hydrolyzing connective tissue in fish. Marine Elastin helps increase skin elasticity and provides anti-wrinkle action by reinforcing the support tissue.

Meadowsweet (Extract)

Meadowsweet or spirea is an herbaceous plant that grows in the damp soil of temperate regions. Meadowsweet Extract has moisturizing, astringent and softening properties. This extract also provides exfoliating and toning action, making it a choice active ingredient for slimming products.

Marine exopolysaccharide from Aber-Benoît

Secreted by a planktonic microorganism found in the River Aber-Benoît in Brittany, this active ingredient acts on the cellular renewal process, inducing a regenerating effect. As a result, the roughness and coarse patches of the epidermis are reduced and the network of collagen fibers is strengthened. In addition, this extract reinforces the skin's innate immunity and natural hydration while reducing inflammation. It restores physical and chemical barrier functions and water memory and provides a "new skin" effect. The skin is regenerated and healthier.


Marine exopolysaccharide from the Iroise Sea

Extracted from planktons collected from Brittany’s Iroise Sea, this active ingredient smooths the skin surface and fills wrinkles and fine lines after just fifteen minutes thanks to its long sugar chain. The high molecular weight of this marine exopolysaccharide means it has a special affinity with the skin, thereby reducing the roughness of the epidermis. This active ingredient induces the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and elastin while also strengthening the network of collagen fibers, for an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect.

Meadowsweet (Extract)

Meadowsweet or spirea is an herbaceous plant that grows in the damp soil of temperate regions. Meadowsweet Extract has moisturizing, astringent and softening properties. This extract also provides exfoliating and toning action, making it a choice active ingredient for slimming products.

Melanin-activating tripeptide

This tripeptide naturally boosts tanning in keeping with the skin's original color, by stimulating melanogenesis and increasing melanin in melanocytes, without ultraviolet exposure.

Milk Proteins

This extract contains milk messenger molecules that stimulate the skin's protection mechanisms. It helps diminish cell reactions that generate cutaneous irritation, such as the release of inflammatory mediators. The duration of inflammation is thus shortened and the skin more rapidly recuperates. Thanks to its powerful anti- inflammatory properties, Milk Protein Extract helps protect the skin.

Milk Thistle (Extract)

Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) is an herbaceous plant that is native to Northern Africa and Southern Europe. Milk Thistle Extract is composed of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals, phenolic compounds (including flavonoids) and even vitamin C, giving it mineral-replenishing and moisturizing properties.


Milfoil is an herbaceous plant that is native to Europe, Asia and North America. Milfoil flower heads are rich in carbohydrates and amino acids, giving it moisturizing and regenerating properties. This extract also possesses purifying and astringent properties that are ideal for skin with seborrheic tendencies.

Mimosa (Extract)

Mimosa, also known as “the skin tree”, is a shrub that is part of the Fabaceae family. Mimosa Extract helps stimulate the skin tissue repair process, making it a choice active ingredient for damaged skin. Moreover, it has anti-bacteriostatic action and helps repair acne lesions and tighten pores: this active ingredient is thus particularly interesting in fighting acne.

Mink (Oil or Fat)

This oil has softening properties and the powerful capacity to penetrate the epidermis. Highly concentrated in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin F, Mink Oil nourishes and softens the skin, helping fight against cutaneous dehydration. Also used in hair care products, it restores suppleness and shine to dry hair.

Mint (Essential Oil) 

Mint is one of the most famous medicinal plants in the Lamiaceae family. Mint is used for its refreshing, soothing, astringent, purifying and toning properties. Due to its toning and refreshing action, Essential Oil of Mint tightens pores and restores radiance to dull, tired skin.

Monk's Pepper (Extract)

This complex of acetyl-tyrosine and Vitex agnus-castus (Monk's Pepper) extract speeds up the formation of melanin without sun exposure. Acetyl-tyrosine provides the substrate that generates melanin. Monk's Pepper contains phyto-endorphins that stimulate the melanocytes and improve their dendricity, thus facilitating melanosome transfer.

Myrrh, Myrtle & Onion Complex

Myrrh is the resin produced by the balsam tree native to North Africa, which belongs to the Burseraceae family. Myrrh Extract is used for its soothing, purifying and astringent properties. Myrtle is a shrub native to the Mediterranean Basin. Myrtle Extract is used in facial skin care products for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. Its purifying properties also make it an active ingredient of choice in hair care products for sensitive and irritated scalps.

Native to the Middle East, onion is used in cosmetics for its purifying and astringent properties. It is rich in quercetin, a flavonoid, which also gives Onion Extract soothing and regenerating qualities.


Natural melanogenesis-stimulating complex

This complex of acetyltyrosine, riboflavin and adenosine triphosphate contains a tyrosine precursor and supplies cells with energy. It thus boosts the activity of tyrosinase, involved in melanin production, for deeper and longer-lasting tanning.

Neroli (Essential Oil)

Bitter Orange (Seville orange) is a tree, whose flowers are used to obtain an Essential Oil by steam distillation. Essential Oil of Neroli is used in cosmetics for its antiseptic and healing properties.

Nettle (Extract)

Nettle (Urtica Dioica L.) is an herbaceous plant that contains vitamins, flavonoids and minerals (silica, iron, calcium, potassium) and is used for its mineral-replenishing, toning and astringent properties. Nettle Extract helps regulate sebum secretion in products for oily skin and hair. It is also used in slimming treatments for its diuretic action.

Nopal Oligosaccharides

This active ingredient rich in purified oligosaccharides of Nopal (Barbary fig) encourages exfoliation of corneocytes by boosting the activity of the enzymes involved in the lysis of dermosomal proteins. The activity of the two enzymes that encourage desquamation (Stratum Corneum Chrymotryptic Enzyme and SC Tryptic Enzyme) is increased, enabling better cell renewal. Proof-tested by in vivo tests, this active ingredient improves the clearness and radiance of the skin and attenuates lines and wrinkles (in both number and extent).


Oleanolic Acid

Oleanolic Acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid that helps inhibit the stimulation of sebocytes by testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. In fact, Oleanolic Acid limits the action of 5 alpha-reductase, an enzyme found in the sebaceous glands, responsible for sebum production.

Orange (Extract)

This extract, obtained from Orange pulp, is highly rich in vitamin C. Orange Extract helps maintain the skin's structures and normal functions, protecting it from external aggressions. Recommended for use in products for cutaneous sensitivity, Orange Extract helps regenerate and tone the skin.

Orange Tree (Cellular Water)

Orange Tree Cellular Water is botanical water extracted from the Orange tree. It is first drawn from the tree's roots in the soil, then enriched in nutrients (essential oils, sugars, amino acids and vitamins) during its migration process from the roots to the fruit. This toning and invigorating water is very similar to human physiological liquids, boasting high affinity with the skin. It is used to enhance skin radiance and beauty.

Orthosiphon Leaf (Java Tea) (Extract)

Grown in Southeast Asia, Orthosiphon is a medicinal plant, rich in antioxidant polyphenols. It reduces the skin's oily appearance through its capacity in vitro to reduce the expression of the enzyme 5α-reductase. It also allows to decrease the production of squalene, one of the main components of sebum.

Onopordum Acanthium Extract

Natural and organic, Onopordum Acanthium Extract acts on epidermal regeneration. It stimulates the expression of markers of keratinocyte differentiation, a reflection of gradual consolidation of the cutaneous barrier. Cell cohesion is reinforced and the skin is smoother and radiant. It also has a noticeable repairing action on damaged, injured or sunburned skin.

Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extracts

Rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and piscidic acid, Opuntia Ficus-Indica extract stops the epidermis from drying out, preventing premature skin aging. This active ingredient is widely used for its hydrating, anti-oxidant and firming properties. It was the Berber women’s preferred line of defence against harsh desert winds.


Palmarosa (Essential Oil)

Palmarosa is a high aromatic grassy plant. Extracted by steam distillation from the fresh or dried plant, this Essential Oil is used for its refreshing and soothing properties.

Panama Wood (Bark Extract)

Panama Wood Bark Extract, rich in saponins, has foaming and cleansing properties.

Panthenol (Provitamin B5)

Panthenol, or provitamin B5, is the alcohol analog of panthothenic acid (vitamin B5). Once in the body, it turns into Coenzyme A, an enzyme active in the formation and regeneration of skin and hair. In hair care products, it binds to keratin and ensures the cohesion of the cuticle layer, strengthening the hair and making it shinier. On the skin, Panthenol has healing, repairing and moisturizing properties. Moreover, its calming effect soothes scalp itching and activates microcirculation.

Peppermint (Essential Oil of Mentha viridis)

Peppermint is one of the most famous medicinal plants of the Lamiaceae family. Peppermint is used for its refreshing, soothing, astringent, purifying and toning properties. Essential Oil of Peppermint, by its toning and refreshing action, tightens pores and restores radiance to dull, tired skin.

Phytic Acid

Phytic Acid is a natural derivative of rice. Thanks to its acidic nature, it has gentle keratolytic action and helps stimulate cell renewal. In addition to exfoliating the epidermis, this ingredient is used to even out the complexion.

Phytoplankton (Extract)

Phytoplankton is gathered from the cold ocean depths. These micro-organisms, living in the dark in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, have developed organs with powerful energy reserves and protective mechanisms. Highly stimulating, Phytoplankton Extract tones, energizes and regenerates the epidermis.

Phytosterols Extracted from Soya

These Phytosterols are Lipid Extracts derived from Soya. With a structure that is similar to the lipids in the skin, they have biomimetic properties that help boost the skin's barrier function. They are the leading elements of the lipidic cement in the stratum corneum. Moreover, Phytosterols have a soothing anti-inflammatory effect as they help limit the action of leukotrienes (lipids that play a key role in the inflammation process) and stabilize the cell membrane. Finally, they diminish transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and protect the skin from environmental aggressions.

Phytosterols of plant origin (rice bran)

They absorb UVA rays and have antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and soothing actions.

Pichia Anomala Extract

This pure fraction of mannan from Pichia Anomala (a yeast) participates in driving the skin's natural lipid- replenishment system thanks to its boosting effect in the key steps of synthesis, transport, secretion and maturation of epidermal lipids. This proof-tested active ingredient also considerably reduces Insensible Water Loss.

Pink Coralline (Extract)

This extract of Corallina officinalis, a thermo-resistant seaweed rich in calcium and magnesium carbonates, acts as a heat shield against IR rays. It absorbs infrared radiation in order to prevent epidermal dehydration and thickening, which contribute to photo-aging. It thus acts as a shield, keeping heat from penetrating the skin. It protects keratinocytes, Langerhans cells (epidermal cells playing a role in the immune system), membrane lipids and DNA.

Plant acids: Rosemary, Coffee and Oak (extract)

Derived from plant acids (vegetable glycerin, rosmarinic acid, gallic acid, caffeic acid), this active ingredient regulates inflammatory factors and controls neovascularization. It reduces the production of factors increasing redness (histamine, interleukins, prostaglandins, TNF), controls VEGF, blocks angiogenesis and reduces visible redness

Plant-based Polyglycerides

Plant-based Polyglycerides can absorb up to 200% of their weight in water, giving them moisturizing and emollient properties.

Plant-based Triglycerides

Plant-based Triglycerides are emollients which make the skin smoother and softer. They are excellent skin care agents. Their chemical composition means they also have moisturizing properties as they retain water.

Polysaccharides rich in fucose

This active ingredient is obtained by a fermentation process using raw plant materials from corn and soybean as substrates. It has powerful film-forming properties and gives the skin optimal moisture so it can retain its intrinsic properties. It provides dual moisturizing performance and reduces cutaneous irritation caused by the intensive use of overly active ingredients like hyaluronic acid. The primary effect is the immediate formation of a highly moisturizing protective film on the skin surface. This humid microclimate reinforces the protection of the skin barrier against dehydration. The second effect is prolonged action: delayed effect, long-term moisturizing.

Plum Pulp Extract

Plum pulp is known for its lightening properties (in vivo): it limits melanogenesis by inhibiting melanin phagocytosis by keratinocytes (in vitro). It also improves the skin’s barrier effect, increases hydration (reducing TransEpidermal Water Loss in vivo) and improves the skin’s structure (in vivo).

Pomegranate (Extract)

Pomegranate is the fruit of the pomegranate tree (Punica Granatum). Pomegranate Extract is obtained through a cold extraction process. This extract is rich in tannins and fruit acids, giving it astringent properties. It antioxidant properties are also used in skincare products for mature skin.

Porphyra Umbilicalis (Algae)

Porphyra Umbilicalis are red algae that grow on rocks in the exposed wind and wave beaten coastal environments. Rich in minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, this Porphyra Extract has energizing properties.

Protective ester derived from rice

It absorbs UVA rays and exerts antioxidant action.

Pumpkin (Extract)

Mast cells are granular cells found in connective tissue. When a mast cell is in contact with an allergen, it degranulates and triggers allergic reactions. Pumpkin Extract helps inhibit mast cell degranulation and hence limit inflammation. It is therefore recommended for use in products for sensitive skin, thanks to its soothing action.

Pumpkin Seeds combined with a melanin booster (oil)

This is a complex of oleoyl-tyrosine and pumpkin seed oil (Loofah oil). It increases the speed and intensity of tanning by stimulating melanocyte activity and melanin distribution. It prevents water loss during exposure. Loofah oil has the same fatty acid composition as the stratum corneum, which helps restore the skin barrier.

Pure Elastin

Elastin is a protein that is naturally found in the dermis, giving it its elastic properties. Consequently, Pure Elastin is an active ingredient that is optimally absorbed by the skin's extracellular matrix and improves its elasticity.


Raspberry Seed (Oil)

Cold extracted from Raspberry Seeds, this oil naturally contains vitamin E, widely known for its antioxidant properties. It is a triglyceride mainly composed of fatty acids that helps restore balance to the skin's barrier function and improve the cutaneous hydration level.

Raspberry Seed (Oil Derivative)

A source of Omega 6, Omega 3 and vitamin E, this Raspberry Seed Oil Derivative stimulates epidermal tissue regeneration. It helps boost the cutaneous repair process and reinforce the structure of the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ) as well as diminish Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). It offers interesting skin repair activity for damaged, dry and even mature skin, whose renewal process has slowed down.

Reconstituted Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)

Intracellular water-soluble and hygroscopic substances, the NMF are naturally found in corneocytes within the epidermis. They display high affinity with water and therefore help seal it in, ensuring hydration in the upper epidermal layers. Among the NMF, there is pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (in the form of sodium salt), amino acids, lactates, urea and diverse sugars. They meet the needs of dry, dehydrated and/or mature skin.

Red Vine (Extract)

Red Vine is a plant with leaves that contain flavonoids (tannins), anthocyanosides (natural pigments from leaves and fruit) and vitamin E. These elements give red vine its toning and circulation boosting properties, making this ingredient optimal for use in eye contour care to reduce dark under eye circles. Rhamnose-Rich Polysaccharides

This Polysaccharide has a saccharidic structure that is particularly rich in rhamnose. It is a protective active ingredient: it reduces skin inflammation by specifically adhering to the keratinocyte membrane receptors and consequently limits inflammatory reactions from spreading due to skin aggression by various factors, such as pollution, bacteria, chemical agents, etc... Its soothing properties make it a choice active ingredient for fragile and sensitive skin.

Rhodiola Rosea (Extract)

Rhodiola Rosea is a plant from the Crassulaceae family that grows in cold regions and high altitudes (the Arctic, Mountains in central Asia and Europe). An extract is derived from Rhodiola Rosea roots, with the capacity to significantly stimulate lipolysis (breakdown of lipids or fat in the body). Used in eye contour products, Rhodiola Rosea Extract helps diminish under eye puffiness by the activating lipolysis in cells.

Rockweed Extract

Rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) is a brown algae from the Phaeophyceae species, which can be found in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific Oceans. This Algae is used in body care treatments for its revitalizing and regenerating properties.

Rosemary (Extract)

This extract is obtained by the prolonged maceration of Rosemary leaves. It is widely recognized for its detoxifying and purifying action.

Rosemary (Essential Oil)

Essential Oil of Rosemary is obtained by steam distillation of the flower heads.
Used in massage oils for its toning action, it is also widely recognized for its protective and antioxidant properties. Essential Oil of Rosemary has interesting detoxifying properties (for hair care products).

Rosemary (Oil Extract)

Rosemary is a small woody aromatic shrub, considered a plant with beneficial and curative properties since Ancient Times. Rosemary Oil Extract is obtained from the prolonged maceration of Rosemary leaves. It is recognized for its anti-free radical action, protecting the cells from oxidative stress, and its anti-oxidant action.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a composition highly rich in nutrients (sugar, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals), providing it with soothing and moisturizing properties. It also helps revitalize and restore balance to the epidermis, making it a widely used active cosmetic ingredient for nourishing and regenerating products.

Rye (Extract)

Derived from Rye Grains, this extract helps boost the skin’s mechanical resistance and restore its lifting properties. It contributes to firming and smoothing the skin tissue, tightening the skin and increasing its tone. This extract is ideal for anti-wrinkle and firming skin care products. It stimulates the synthesis of retractile elements (fibers capable of contracting) which generate the tensile strength essential for the regulation of the mechanical resistance of the dermis.


Sacha Inchi (Oil)

Sacha Inchi Oil is extracted from the seeds, using the first cold pressing procedure. This botanical oil is very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and highly concentrated in tocopherol (Vitamin E). It restructures and protects the skin, limiting dehydration. Widely used for sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin, it leaves the skin silky soft and non-greasy.

Sage (Essential Oil)

Its Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh Sage leaves and flower heads. Widely recognized for its toning and regenerating properties, Essential Oil of Sage is one of the most frequently used active ingredients in body care products.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is naturally synthesized by certain plants, such as willow. It has long been known for its medicinal properties (anti-inflammatory action in aspirin) and also plays an important role in cosmetics: its exfoliating action helps smooth the skin over the face and body and stimulates the epidermal renewal process.

Savory (Essential Oil)

Extracted from the flower heads of the Savory plant, this Essential Oil is used in massage oils for its stimulating properties.

Scots Pine (Essential Oil)

This Essential Oil is obtained by the distillation of Scots Pine needles. It has invigorating, fortifying and toning properties.

Sea Buckhorn (Berry and Seed Oil Extract)

Sea Buckhorn Berry and Seed Oil Extract is rich in essential fatty acids (palmitoleic, linoleic and alpha linolenic acids) and antioxidants (tocopherols, carotenoids). It plays a role in cellular revitalization and protects the skin from air pollutants and free radicals. It also helps soothe stressed and irritated skin.

Sea Lily Extract

Sea Lily Extract is a lightening agent (in vivo): it inhibits melanogenesis by reducing the dendricity of the melanocytes (in vitro) and by inhibiting the synthesis of Substance P receptors on the surface of the dendrites (in vitro). It also inhibits the expression of POMC (protein precursor of α-MSH) and the synthesis of intracellular melanin. As a result, there is a reduction in the size of dendrites, the size of pigmented spots, and in the coloration of spots.

Sesame (Oil)

Sesame is a plant native to Africa that is widely known for its oil-rich seeds. Its high concentration in unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acids) as well as vitamin E makes Sesame Oil a protective and antioxidant ingredient that helps regenerate the skin and prevent premature signs of aging.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is extracted from the fruit of the Shea tree, a large tree that grows in woody African savannahs. It is lightly oily, rich in unsaponifiables and vitamins E and F. Shea Butter prevents skin dryness, stimulates cell renewal, and helps restore softness and suppleness to the skin, while protecting it from external aggressions.

Shea rich in unsaponifiables (Butter)

Shea Butter is extracted from the fruits of the shea tree, a tall tree that grows in Africa's woody savannas. The part of Shea Butter rich in unsaponifiables is its most valuable and active element. It repairs and enhances the most fragile areas of the body, in particular the lips, thanks to its dual action: soothing the lips' inflammation and restoring their integrity. Shea Butter prevents skin dryness, promotes cell renewal and helps make the skin smoother and softer while protecting it against external attacks.

Siberian Ginseng (Root Extract)

Siberian Ginseng is a shrub from the Araliaceae family, native to Siberia.
Its root, rich in polysaccharides and glycoproteins, forms a tensor film over the skin upon application, smoothing the cutaneous surface. Siberian Ginseng Root Extract also helps diminish the appearance of fine lines around the eye contour.

Signal Molecules of Lactic Origin (Extract)

These Signal Molecules are capable of reaching cytokines through their receptors.
Yet, cytokines are cells able to detect imbalance generated by external aggressions that affect skin cells. The interaction between cytokines, cells and their natural environment - the extracellular matrix - brings balance to the body. Signal Molecules thus stimulate the skin protection system and boast anti-inflammatory properties. They help cells more rapidly and effectively react to external aggressions.
This extract is thereby recommended for sensitive skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also particularly well-suited for after-sun care products.

Silk (Extract)

Silk is a protein comprised of an amino acid polymer. Given its filmogenic action, Silk proteins form a film over the skin's surface upon application, providing immediate smoothing action. Silk also possesses cutaneous moisturizing, firming and softening properties. Moreover, Silk Extract is used in hair care products for its repair and conditioning action.

Sisymbrium (Virgin Oil)

Sisymbrium is a herbaceous plant that grows in the wild in some regions of Asia and India and is part of the cruciferous family. Its fruits are siliques containing seeds from which virgin sisymbrium oil is extracted. Sisymbrium oil is rich in phytosterols, whose properties are both biological (anti-inflammatory) and physical- chemical (controlling and regulating membrane fluidity).

This oil has high levels of fatty acids, which play a major role in the barrier function of the epidermis.

Sorrel (Extract)

Sorrel is an herbaceous plant that grows in North America. Thanks to its high concentration in tannins, it has astringent properties, helping regulate sebum secretion. Sorrel Extract also has antimicrobial action that is ideal for purifying and antiseptic products.

Soy (Isoflavones)

Soy or soya is a climbing plant from the Fabaceae family that is cultivated for its oleaginous seeds. Soy Isoflavones are used in cosmetics for their anti-aging and balance-restoring properties.


This extract comes in the form of a powder and is composed of a mixture of small "needle-like" fibers. These "needle-like" fibers have a skin-peel effect when in contact with the epidermis, causing slight inflammation that renews the stratum corneum. During this renewal process, the synthesis of collagen is stimulated and sebum production is regulated. This extract is thus used to treat acne, acne scars and fine lines.

Botanical Squalane

Botanical squalane is a lipid produced from sugar cane. It is a thin, clear oil that has very great affinity with the skin. In fact, squalane is naturally produced by the human body and is one of the main components of sebum and the hydrolipidic film. Vegetable squalane prevents dehydration, restores the skin’s suppleness and flexibility, and limits transepidermal water loss. It is soft and silky to the touch and non-greasy, making it a perfect ingredient for cosmetics.

Sugar (Derivative)

This Sugar Derivative is a combination of three moisture-retaining and hydrating sugars that help imbue the stratum corneum with water by bonding with keratin. They help optimize moisture reserves by increasing the skin's electrical conductance and Glycosaminoglycan content. They also help reduce moisture loss by boosting lipid synthesis and reducing Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). This Sugar Derivative regulates desquamation and smoothes the skin's microrelief. Hydrated and restructured, the skin is more resistant to harmful factors.

Skin-protective Sugar

This oligosaccharide, obtained by enzymatic synthesis from natural sugars (saccharose and maltose), has a protective and biostimulating action on the skin's natural defenses. Ecocert-certified, this substrate is bioselective for beneficial microbial flora, to the detriment of undesirable and pathogenic flora.


Sulfur is an element that is found in numerous minerals in the form of sulfur and sulfate, particularly in volcanic regions. It is widely used for treating seborrheic skin as it has keratolytic action, which is boosted when combined with salicylic acid.

Sunflower (Oil)

This Sunflower Oil is extracted from Sunflower seeds. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, Sunflower Oil has regenerating, softening and nourishing properties.

Sunflower, Jojoba and Mimosa Plant-based Complex

This 100% plant-based complex provides long-lasting hydration and comfort. Rich in active nutrients, it improves hydration and reduces Insensible Water Loss (IWL) from the skin. It improves cutaneous microrelief and smoothes the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil

Obtained by pressing the seeds of the "Prunus Amygdalus" or almond tree, Sweet Almond Oil is rich in oleic acid and vitamin D. It is particularly suitable for sensitive, lipid-deficient and dehydrated skin, as it has calming and soothing action.


Tetrapeptide (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11)

Used in face care products, this Tetrapeptide helps stimulate the synthesis of syndecan 1 and collagen XVII by keratinocytes. Syndecan 1 is a small cutaneous proteoglycan that plays a role in strengthening epidermal cohesion. Collagen XVII improves adhesion between the epidermis and dermo-epidermal junction. This Tetrapeptide is recommended for use in skincare products for mature skin as it helps boost cutaneous firmness and elasticity as well as enhance the skin's appearance.


This innovative tetrapeptide helps increase the skin’s firmness while preventing its sagging appearance and flaccidity. It enhances the activity of the enzymes responsible for the correct assembly of elastin fibers. It also stimulates the synthesis of type I, IV, VI and XVI collagen, thereby improving the skin’s firmness. This active ingredient acts on the cohesion of the skin’s elements to minimize the sagging effect of the face.

Tetrapeptide and Extract of Red Clover

This mix of biomimetic peptide and extract of red clover rich in Bioachine A has a direct action on the 5-α- reductase which modulates dihydrotesterone (DHT) and prevents hair loss. It optimizes the hair renewal and the action of proteins on the extracellular matrix, which allows hair to anchor better. This component also reduces damage caused by inflammation of the scalp, providing maximum effectiveness to reduce the hair loss process and stimulate hair growth. The hair cycle becomes normal, with its alternating anagen, catagen and telogen phases.

Thermal Algae

This extract, rich in micro and macroscopic algae, contains a high concentration of polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins and lipids. Thermal Algae are used in face care products for their emollient and moisturizing properties.

Thyme (Extract)

Thyme is a small subshrub that grows in the dry, sunny Mediterranean region. Widely recognized for its astringent and purifying properties, Thyme Extract is used in products for oily, acne-prone skin.

Thyme (Essential Oil)

This Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves and flower heads of Thyme. A restructuring ingredient, it is widely used for its toning properties: it helps stimulate microcirculation. Essential Oil of Thyme is also a soothing, antiseptic and purifying agent.

Tomato (Extract)

Rich in lycopene (a pigment that gives tomatoes their red color), Tomato Extract is used in cosmetics to boost moisture replenishment in the outer epidermal layers and improve skin texture. It helps limit dryness and modifications to the skin texture due to repeated exposure to UV light, which is why it is recommended for use in after-sun care products.

Titanium Dioxide

These are particles of natural origin that reflect ultraviolet radiation, in particular UVB rays, and thus protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Tripeptide Antioxidant

It is a synthetic peptide with a dual objective: it protects and repairs damaged DNA. It acts as a photoprotector in keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts by inhibiting the forming of protein carbonyls. It helps prevent the deterioration of DNA in skin cells due to UV radiation and promotes the capacity of the system to repair DNA. This tripeptide antioxidant offers complete protection to minimize the intrinsic and extrinsic effects of aging.


Vitamins B3 (or PP)

Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 or PP is a water soluble vitamin that is part of the B vitamin group, with anti- inflammatory properties that enable it to fight against acne-related problems.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, capable of protecting the cell membrane lipids from damage caused by the formation of free radicals. Vitamin E is also used for its moisturizing action: it helps retain water molecules in the stratum corneum and restore elasticity to dry skin.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F is made up of a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid, arachidonic acid and vaccenic acid). It is liposoluble and allows the cells in the epidermis to regain all of their water content by decreasing their impermeability. In addition, linoleic acid is a precursor of anti-inflammatory molecules. In this way, Vitamin F, which is essential to the forming of the lipid barrier in the epidermis, improves the skin’s resistance to external aggressions.


Wakame (Seaweed) Extract

This is a lightening agent (in vivo) that also helps reduce the size of pigmented spots (in vivo): It controls the number, size and maturation of melanosomes (in vitro), inhibits the activation of melanogenesis by endothelin (in vitro) and the activation of tyrosinase by gene MITF (in vitro), as well as the expression of genes involved in the migration, production and exportation of melanin (in vitro).

Walnut (Extract)

Walnut Extract protects skin from the natural aging process and environmental aggressions. This active ingredient helps boost the body's natural antioxidant functions, stimulate keratinocyte growth and limit the activity of elastase, an enzyme responsible for the degradation of elastin. Walnut Extract is used in cosmetology for its anti-wrinkle, protective and firming properties.

Walnut (Nutshell Powder)

This powder is obtained by grinding Walnut Shells. It is a gentle abrasive agent used in exfoliating scrubs.

Walnut Tree (Extract)

This extract is derived from the leaves of the Walnut Tree, a rapid growing, leafy tree that can live to be 400 years old. Rich in tannins, flavonoids, phenol acids and essential oil, Walnut Tree leaves have softening, soothing and astringent properties. Walnut Tree Leaf Extract is used in after-sun care and products for sensitive skin.

Wasabi (Extract)

Wasabi is a Japanese herb from the Brassicaceae plant family that grows in rivers with very pure water. Used in hair care products to protect hair, Wasabi Extract is also an effective ingredient for face care, given its antiseptic nature and anti-free radical action.

Watercress (Extract)

Derived from the Watercress plant and particularly rich in minerals (calcium, potassium), this Watercress Extract promotes the relaxation of expression muscles and thus helps diminish wrinkles due to facial movements.

Wheat (Botanical Protein Complex)

This Wheat Complex has a high concentration in botanical proteins, providing it with cosmetic tensor action. Thanks to its elastic properties, it forms a film over the skin, triggering a tensor effect. This complex thus has mechanical action on the epidermis, immediately diminishing wrinkles.

Wheat Germ (Oil)

Obtained by pressing Wheat Germ, this oil is a natural source of vitamin E. It helps protect cells and fights the skin aging process, thanks to its antioxidant action. It also has soothing and softening action.

White Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural wax. It consists mainly of esters of fatty acids and long-chain alcohols, esters of cholesterol and free fatty acids. Beeswax is film-forming and emollient. It was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for its therapeutic qualities.

White Clay

The White Clay, with its absorption power, unifies the skin. It is perfectly tolerated by dry, very sensitive and intolerant skins.

White Lily (Extract)

White Lily is an herbaceous plant that is native to the temperate regions in the northern hemisphere. Frequently used in skincare products for sensitive skin thanks to its healing and regenerating properties, Lily Extract is also a moisturizing, softening and anti-age ingredient.

White Tea (Extract)

White Tea Extract is rich in polyphenols and proanthocyanidic oligomers that have antioxidant properties. It is a complexion enhancer that is specially designed to protect the skin from external aggressions. It helps diminish cutaneous imperfections (pigmentation spots, more or less diffuse redness and microvascularization) that principally occur in the skin due to the harmful effect of environmental factors. White Tea Extract provides a global solution to a muddy complexion, restoring radiance, freshness and vitality to the skin.

White Willow Bark Extract

White Willow, which belongs to the Salicaceae family, is native of North America, Asia and Europe. It grows near rivers and wetlands. Known as a pain relief remedy for nearly 3 millennia, it is now used for its anti- inflammatory and analgesic properties. White Willow bark powder is a natural source of salicylic acid and confers the same properties as this component (exfoliation, antimicrobial action) without discomfort or irritation.

Wild Pansy (Extract)

This extract is derived from the airy part of the wild pansy plant (Viola Tricolor). Wild Pansy has healing, decongesting, detoxifying and toning properties, used in hair care products for oily scalps.

Witch Hazel (Extract)

A small tree native to North America, Witch Hazel stimulates microcirculation. Highly appreciated for its tissue draining properties, Witch Hazel is also used in numerous products for sensitive skin, thanks to its soothing and softening properties.


Yam (Extract)

Yam is a plant from the Dioscoreaceae family, which is native to Mexico, and has roots that are very rich in diosgenin, a saponin derivative. Yam Extract plays a role similar to Soya: it is used for its anti-aging and balance-restoring properties.

Yeast (Extract)

Yeast is composed of mineral salts, carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins (very rich in vitamin B). Yeast Extract is a factor in skin integrity, due to its vitamin B content: it restores balance and promotes the healing process in certain skin disorders (acne, seborrhea). Yeast also has antibacterial and restorative properties: it helps firm and smooth the skin. It is an active ingredient used in skincare products for oily, dry and/or mature skin.

Ylang-ylang (Essential Oil)

Ylang-ylang is a large tropical tree with drooping branches and a plethora of yellow and white flowers that blossom all year round. Essential Oil of Ylang-ylang, extracted from the flowers, has antiseptic and soothing properties.


Zinc (Extract)

Zinc it a sebum-regulating ingredients that helps inhibit the activity of 5 α-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into DiHydroxyTestosterone (DHT: hormone responsible for stimulating the sebum gland and therefore increasing sebum production). Moreover, Zinc has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is therefore recommended for use in skincare products for oily skin and scalp.

Zinc Oxide

These are particles of natural origin that reflect UV radiation (UVA and UVB) and thus protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet spectrum.

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