Revive X Miki Liukkonen

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Miki Liukkonen!

"What I look from my products are ingredients that are as pure as possible, rich in antioxidants and those that protect and build libid barrier for the better. I avoid unnecessary mineral oils, perfumes and alcohols, since they don’t deliver ANY KIND of purpose in skincare (other than sencorial pleasure) and in a long run can be even harmful for you.

I love Biologique Recherche products for their superbly selected ingredients, their innovative approach to skincare and the fact that they don’t include unnecessary perfumes in their products. People say BR products ”smell bad”, or ”sour”; I say: ”Good!” You don’t need to smell like flowers 24/7 (you can, but it can make you allergic to perfumes in a long run so…) And I don’t believe in anti-aging products. If you take care of your skin, that is antiaging protocol in itself.

BR  has build an impressive catalog of high quality products with superb ingredients that really deliver results! I don’t wonder at all why they have a such cult-following; that’s because BR products just work. Ps. stop wasting your money on ”full of magical promises” -products, they don’t work. I’ve tried everything, and nothing has yet delivered as fast and as visible results than Biologique recherche."


Miki Liukkonen 
author, tv-host, mediaperson and enfant terrible with a deep passion on skincare

Starting June this year, we begin our collaboration with Miki Liukkonen. Not only is he an  author, but also a TV-host and part time model beside his ever growing interest for skincare and beauty. 

These are the products Miki will use and review: 




Essential serums






Finishing serum



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